Call to Action Keyword untuk Ad Campaign

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Call to Action Keyword untuk Ad Campaign

Call TO Action Buy Button Keyword for Ad Campaign-Serpzen-asia
Contoh Tombol Call to action untuk website

Apa itu call to action

Call to action adalah tombol yang berisi keyword yang mengundang user/pembaca untuk melakukan suatu tindakan bisa dengan mengklik tombol, maupun dengan melakukan transaksi pembelian via sebuah tombol buy button.

Fungsi tombol call to action

  1. Mengajak pembaca/pembeli melakukan tindakan khusus
  2. Interaksi antar tombol dan artikel saling berkaitan
  3. Membuat calon pembeli menjadi pembeli loyal di halaman toko online
  4. Memberikan kemudahan interaksi antar website dengan pembaca

Anda seorang imers/internet marketer? Pasti sering melihat sales letter dengan bentuk tombol-tombol yang bervariasi dengan keyword-keyword call to actions yang unik-unik dan mengundang clik bukan?

Nah, saya menulis artikel ini untuk memudahkan Anda para sidang pembaca menentukan kata-kata kalimat dan keyword yang mengundang traffic ke sales letter dan money sitenya – sehingga menghasilkan penjualan untuk produk atau jasanya.


Cara membuat artikel seo friendly


Selamat menikmati keyword-keyword prestisius call to action ini.

"Act Now"
"Act quickly"
"Add to your"
"Apply today"
"As Seen On TV"
"Be sure to"
"Best value"
"Book now"
"Buy Now"
"Buy and Save"
"Call today"
"Cancel Anytime"
"Check our"
"Check out"
"Check this out"
"Choose your"
"Class Full"
"Click button"
"Click for more"
"Click here  "
"Come see our prices"
"Coming soon"
"Compare prices"
"Contact us"
"Contact us today"
"Coupon code"
"Do not buy unless"
"Don’t forget to"
"Don’t miss"
"Don’t wait"
"Download now"
"Download now  "
"Earn cash back"
"Expires at midnight tonight  "
"Find Items"
"Find out more"
"Find out now"
"Find savings"
"Find yours"
"Follow this"
"For a short time only  "
"For more details call"
"Free Consultation"
"Free Shipping  "
"Get Free"
"Get It Now!"
"Get More Info Here"
"Get a Free"
"Get a quote"
"Get it here"
"Get it now! "
"Get the Best"
"Get your"
"Give a gift"
"Hot Special"
"How to"
"I invite you to"
"Immediate download"
"Join now"
"Join today"
"Join us"
"Learn more"
"Learn more about us at"
"Learn to"
"Limited availability"
"Limited offer"
"Limited edition"
"Look at"
"Money Back Guarantee"
"Need more"
"No Questions Asked"
"Now you can"
"Offer Ending Soon"
"Offer expires"
"On stock"
"Only 10 available"
"Only 3 left"
"Only available here"
"Order Now"
"Order Your"
"Order Yours Today"
"Order here"
"Pay Less"
"Place your order now"
"Please see"
"Please view our"
"Preorder yours"
"Read reviews"
"Request your FREE quote today"
"Request yours today"
"Reserve your spot now"
"Respond by"
"Sale ends soon"
"Satisfaction Guaranteed"
"Save Big"
"Save Money"
"Save Today"
"Save on"
"Save up to"
"Save with"
"Search Now"
"Search for"
"Search our"
"See deals"
"See it in action"
"See more"
"See our coupon"
"See our products"
"See pricing"
"Send for"
"Shop at"
"Shop low prices"
"Shop now"
"Shop online"
"Shop today"
"Show price"
"Sign me up now"
"Sign up"
"Sign up for your free trial"
"Sign up online at"
"Special Offer"
"Start Your Trial"
"Start now"
"Start now"
"Start today"
"Start your free trial now"
"Stock up"
"Supplies running out"
"Take a closer look"
"Take a look at"
"Take a tour"
"Take the test"
"To place your order"
"Today only"
"Tour our"
"Try Our Free"
"Try before You Buy"
"Try it free  "
"Try it today"
"View all Products"
"View features"
"Visit our"
"Visit us at"
"Watch for"
"all purchases"
"before its too late"
"earn cash"
"free gift"
"free sample"
"is giving away"
"new product"
"on Sale right now"
"on sale"
"on sale today"
"receive a free gif"
"save now"
"special discount"
"special edition"
"win a one year"
"win prizes"
"your chance to WIN"
"free quote"

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